Neofungi, with the collaboration of MercaJúcar and Champinter, sponsors the II Gastronomic Days of the Top of the Mushroom and the Mushrooms that will be held the first two weekends of June, from 1 to 3 and from 8 to 10, in which they will Participate 20 reference catering establishments of the city of Albacete.

Each restaurant will make an aperitif that will have in its ingredients some of the products produced by MercaJúcar and Champinter, and will allow you to enjoy the exquisite taste of mushrooms, including mushrooms, portobello, mushroom pleurotus and shiitake. The restaurants Álvarez, Arazana, Asador Concepción, Avion Bar, Casa Marlo, Cuerda, Dallas: Secret of Jávega, Don Gil, Garabato, Gran Hotel, Hotel Beatriz, La Martina, L’Arruz (Tapelia), Mesón El Sol, Our Bar, Posada Real, Quintapenas, Rincón del Chicharro and Taberna Motivos, and the objective is to promote this crop and publicly disseminate its gastronomic possibilities and its healthy and nutritious components.

Sergio Pinto, commercial director of Neofungi, explained that who completes the vouchers that will be delivered in the collaborating restaurants, with the consumption of six tapas will enter the draw to enjoy two gift vouchers, two spa circuits at the Hotel Beatriz, courses of kitchen and other interesting prizes.

Neofungi, born from the union of mushroom and fresh mushroom producers, is a second-level cooperative dedicated to the commercialization of the products that generate MercaJúcar and Champinter, which supply more than 50 percent of all the mushrooms that are consumed fresh. in Spain. The commercial director noted that << the cooperative group develops a circular economy and pampers all the processes >>.

They produce the seed in their own laboratory and have a compost plant that they use in the cultivation of different types of mushrooms in air-conditioned rooms, which they then market. << Another company in which Neofungi has a stake is in charge of processing waste and thus we close the cycle of circular economy, which goes from seed to waste >>, clarified Sergio Pinto.

They are the second days and unlike last year, in this edition will take place on two weekends, so that participants have more options when enjoying these snacks and, in addition, << the tapas will be very attractive, both visually and at a gastronomic level, because they are made by reputable establishments >>, he added. The head of Neofungi indicated that the health benefits of mushrooms and mushrooms. << Mushrooms are abundant due to their high water content. They are an excellent way to provide fiber and vegetable proteins to the diet, free of phytosanitary products, “he concluded.

Source: La Tribuna de Albacete (


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  • Pilar Cebrián Garrido on 27 May, 2018 at 2:12 pm Reply

    Hola me gustaría saber el horario

    • developer on 5 June, 2018 at 9:10 am

      Buenos días Pilar:
      Las jornadas tendrán lugar del 1 al 3 y del 8 al 10 de junio. En cuanto al horario, éste será el mismo que tenga de apertura el restaurante/bar correspondiente durante el periodo de comidas y cenas.
      Un saludo

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