Logistics Service



We have a fleet composed of more than 20 vehicles of different sizes

Due to its numerous customers and to give optimum service to each of them, CHAMPINTER has its own fleet of refrigerated trucks.

At the moment this same fleet is composed of 20 vehicles in different sizes, that adapt to any type of shipment and allow us to realize loads and discharges daily all the national territory. When working with perishable products, CHAMPINTER totally guarantees the cold chain, from the ordering to the delivery of the product, controlling the whole process, using cold equipment and thermographs of last generation, which ensure the properties of mushrooms and mushrooms.

On the other hand the company is evolving towards the European market being able to offer a quality service, collaborating with other multinational transport agencies reaching such important places as Paris, Brussels and Geneva … as well as other countries.

Thanks to our experience of several decades in the world of the product in fresh we managed to maintain all the organoleptic qualities of the mushrooms and mushrooms in the transport.

That is why we now share this “know-how” both nationally and internationally so that anyone can taste and enjoy the appreciated mushrooms and mushrooms of Manchuela (Albacete – Cuenca).