II Gastronomic Neofungi Days

MUSHROOMS TAPAS Neofungi, with the collaboration of MercaJúcar and Champinter, sponsors the II Gastronomic Days of the Top of the Mushroom and the Mushrooms that will be held the first two weekends of June, from

Open Doors 40th Anniversary

The Minister of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Development, Francisco Martínez Arroyo has attended the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Champion Cooperative, ‘Champinter’ in Villamalea (Albacete). The first Priority Associative Institution of Regional Interest

40th Anniversary Champinter

Champinter, a company dedicated to the production of compost and the cultivation and commercialization of mushrooms and exotic mushrooms (thistle mushroom, poplar mushroom, shii-take, portobello, etc.), celebrate the 40th anniversary of its founding. They will