Mycelium Laboratory


Mycelium Laboratory

Processing of mycelia of all kinds of mushrooms and mushrooms

In our laboratory of mycelium we carefully prepare the seed suitable for growing mushrooms and mushrooms.Our laboratory has a team of highly qualified technicians and facilities with the latest technology.


The process begins with a thorough selection of the raw materials to be used (rye, millet, sorghum, etc.) which influence good production.

In our facilities we have a large collection of more than 50 varieties.


Once all this process is done, the compost is analyzed rigorously, and if it meets all the requirements is seeded with a selection of the best strains to get the best quality in our mushrooms. Subsequently, the compost already mixed with the seed, is packaged and transported to the growing rooms of our partners where a new and careful process for the reproduction of mushrooms and mushrooms begins.