Storage Area


Champinter preserve area

It complies with all the quality parameters required by both current legislation and our customers

Factory recently reformed in order to meet all the quality parameters demanded both in terms of legislation and compliance with the qualitative standard of customer. Facilities located in Fuentealbilla, 6 km from Villamalea, on an area of ​​20,000 m2 of which 12,000 are covered which houses the facilities and rooms necessary to produce preserves mushroom and mushroom.

We have a productive capacity of 18,000 kg / day of mushrooms and mushrooms.The facilities are divided into 3 well differentiated areas, the reception of raw material, packaging and sterilization and labeling of finished product.

The production process has been carefully prepared and is supervised by both qualified personnel and properly trained human personnel.

Product Range

We have canned mushrooms and mushrooms both in the format of the hospitality channel (3 kg raw content) and in more usual formats of the feed channel (½ kg can). The presentations are natural for both whole mushroom and laminated mushroom. We also have a sterilized pouch sterilized and pasteurized in different formats.



All products manufactured in this area comply with strict quality and food safety requirements, both in its production line and in the qualities of the final product obtained. These production processes are guaranteed under the most demanding and internationally recognized Quality Certifications, BRC and IFS.