On days 1, 2, 3, 8, 9 and 10 of June, some of the best restaurants in the city of Albacete will delight lovers of mushrooms and mushrooms.

As happened last year, lovers of tapas, and more specifically those who love cooking with mushrooms and mushrooms will find the first two weekends of June the most complete selection of dishes made with these ingredients thanks to the Gastronomic Days that this year organizes Neofungi with the collaboration of Mercajúcar and Champinter.

With these days Neofungi, one of the largest growers and distributors of mushrooms and mushrooms in Spain and Europe, as well as the economic engine of La Manchuela, intends to be a prophet in his land, making known the many uses and presentations of mushrooms and the mushrooms, of course, but also the portobello, the shiitake and the rest of the exotic mushrooms that the brand sells in the most important establishments in the country.

The public that wants to try the different elaborations, can approach the following restaurants and enjoy this 2nd Edition of the Gastronomic Days of the mushroom top and the mushrooms in Albacete: Álvarez, Arazana, Asador Concepción, Airplane Bar, Casa Marlo, Cuerda, Dalas: Secret of Jávega, Don Gil, Garabato, Grand Hotel, Hotel Beatriz, La Martina, L Arruz (Tapelia), Mesón El Sol, Our Bar, Posada Real, Quintapenas, Chicharro Corner and Tavern Motives.

It should also be noted that passports will be made available to the public that, if completed, can win those who have enjoyed these Gastronomic Days any of the 10 checks valued at 50 euros to consume at one of the participating restaurants, from one of the 4 gastronomic courses or from one the two spa circuits at the Hotel Beatriz.

Source: El Digital de Albacete ( https://www.eldigitaldealbacete.com )


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